Wildlife in Jim Corbett

Main Fauna

Corbett National Park is the ultimate safe heaven of the majestic Tiger, apart from tiger it is also the home of as many as 50 different species of mammals, 580 species of birds and around 25 species of reptiles. Some of the game which can be viewed here are


Elephant is the biggest and non- feline mammal of the reserve apart from this other animals found are Leopard, jungle cat, spotted deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, barking deer, nilgai, sloth bear, wild boar, ghural, langur monkey, resus monkey. martin etc.


Corbett has a reputation to be home of 580 bird species 9both resident and migratory some feather in the crown of the Corbett are Pallase's fishing eagle, King &Griffon vulture, Himalayan golden eagle, There are as many as 17 kinds of woodpeckers,5 different species of Barbets, 5 species of Waigtails, minivets, redstarts, finches, babblers, parakeets and more than 50 kinds of raptors.


The Mugger and Indian marsh crocodile locally known as Ghrial are found in Ramganga other reptiles include king cobra, common karait, cobra, Russel's viper, python, monitor lizard, tortoise and fresh water turtles etc. A total 25 reptile species have been recorded in Corbett NP which is a clear indication that the system is in perfect equilibrium in Corbett.


Ramganga and Kosi Rivers in Jim Corbett has various species of Fishes like Mahaseer Barbus tor, kalimuchi Barbus chilinoides, kalabasu Labeo calabasu, chilwa Oxygastro bacaila and goonch Bargarius bargarius.

According to Project Tiger's Census of last few years the CTR have following numbers of wildlife:

*Data Courtesy Project Tiger Status Report, 2001.

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