Forest :

Predominantly Sal (Shorea Robusta). The following type of forest are found in the park.Northen moist deciduous forest. Moist- Shivalik sal, moist bhabar dun Sal, western Gangetic moist mixed deciduous, alluvial savannah woodland.Northern tropical dry deciduous forest - dry Shivalik Sal, northern dry mixed deciduous Khair (Acacia Catechu) Sissoo (Delbergia sissoo)Himalayan subtropical Pine forest - lower Shivalik Chir Pine.


Grassland Locally known as Chaurs, this covers about one tenth of the total park area. The largest grassland is the Dhikhala Chaur, other famous grassland areas of the park such as Buxar Chaur and Beri Chaur were submerged by the Ramganga reservoir in 1974.

Water Bodies:

Phul Tal and Malini Tal located in the Bijrani range are the stagnant water bodies. The Ramganga reservoir is the biggest water body of the park which is streached from Kalagarh to Dhikhala range covering an area of around 82 sq km.


The lifeline of the park is the Ramganga river which enters the park from North and flows right through the heart off the park. There are other rivers also which are mainly the tributaries of the Ramganga such as Mandal, Palan & Sonanadi, there are other various mountain streams which continuously fed these rivers forming a fine water network through out the park.


Many areas located along the Ramganga river and natural streams are swampy, typically covered with Jamun trees providing a good cover to the Tiger from hot summer months.

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